Warranty Policy

Trust is essential when it comes to products for you and your baby. We guarantee safe and high quality products thanks to the Babymoov Philippines warranty policy, applicable to the following Babymoov products:



Warranty Period

Nutribaby One

1 year from date of purchase


1 year from date of purchase

Nutribaby+ XL

1 year from date of purchase


6 months from date of purchase

Turbo Pure Sterilizer

6 months from date of purchase

Hygro+ Humidifier

6 months from date of purchase

Swoon Motion

6 months from date of purchase

In accordance with Babymoov Philippines’ warranty policy, in the event that there is damage to the above-listed products that can be categorized as factory defects, or those that are caused by the manufacturing process, rendering the product unusable for its purpose, you are entitled to claim the warranty and to have your Babymoov product repaired, with parts replaced for free, so long as the claim is made within the warranty period. If the product cannot be repaired, as confirmed by the Babymoov Philippines service center, you are entitled to have the product replaced with the same model.

The warranty shall deemed void and cannot be availed of under the following instances:

  1. Defects or damage caused by ingestion of foreign or inappropriate material, objects or substance, use of non-original consumables to repair the product, or any other occurrences not associated with ordinary use; or
  2. Defects or damage caused by repairs/services by unauthorized repair or service centers;
  3. Defects or damage caused by misuse, neglect, or accident (such as but not limited to foreign object damage or spillage of liquid) or unusual operation, faulty or inadequate maintenance (including temporary overload, failure to maintain or clean the product in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual, negligence or inappropriate storage), or faulty supervision, including access to improper power supply, improper installation of accessories, or damage caused by transportation or other accidents; or 
  4. Defects or damage caused by disregard of any of the instructions in the instruction manual provided, or those otherwise attributable to misuse by or fault of the product’s operator; or
  5. Product damage caused by use outside the home, including use for commercial or industrial purposes; or
  6. Defects or damage caused by natural or unforeseen circumstances, including voltage abnormalities, flood, fire, earthquakes, etc.


The warranty also excludes consumable parts of the product that need to be replaced from time to time (for example, with respect to the Nutribaby series, the blade for the blender, the baskets, the basket lids, and spatula for Nutribaby+ XL).


The warranty provided by Babymoov Philippines is a guarantee for free maintenance within the specified time limits, and subject to these terms and conditions. It is valid only in the Philippines.


To qualify for the Babymoov Philippines’ warranty policy, you must present your warranty card issued by Babymoov Philippines as well as the defective product. Without the warranty card, the warranty will be void. Likewise, your Babymoov product must be purchased directly from Babymoov Philippines, through this website, the Babymoov Philippines LazMall or ShopeeMall, or babymoov_ph official social media accounts.


In order to ensure that your Babymoov Philippines product is optimally used, kindly visit the Product Guide page to understand proper use, care, and maintenance.