Babymoov: Our Innovation Process and Values

Innovation has ALWAYS been the driving force of Babymoov with a yearly investment of over £1 million in research and development. The Babymoov identity and approach combines a series of pro-active workshops with parents and their children to ensure all of our products are designed with the best intent, materials, purpose, affordability and productivity. We believe in quality, honest and unique parenting solutions that enhance development and make life a little simpler!

Observation Projects

Since the beginning, Babymoov have prioritised working with parents to observe, understand and learn about the real needs of family life. Willing parents who have volunteered for the research project were given GoPro cameras to wear during their everyday lives and through key interacting times - feeding, bathtime, bedtime etc. It was through this very process that Babymoov created the Aquanest baby bath! For bath time, it was apparent that the temperature of water was the biggest concern. Not just too hot but maintaining the warmth so baby didn't become cold. In response, Babymoov created the first baby bath tub to maintain water at the safest temperature for a minimum of 10 minutes! 

On-site Parent Days

Regular parent days encourage observation of parents interacting with their babies and young children. Product trials and playtime bring to life the Babymoov 'Live Innovation' process and allows our product design teams to engage fully with who they are designing for, how and why. This is the most important part in the product development stage for us. Our parent days are always very positive, progressive and friendly for parents and their babies to thrive. In the later stages of product development, the first working designs are tried and tested by our parent groups in order for them to feedback how our perception of family life resonates within a working product. The opinions of our parent testers, help to form the final product design - with all constructive comments taken into consideration when making improvements to high quality designs. 

Co-creation with Experts

Nursery and medical experts also play a huge part in the development of some of our most dynamic and unique pregnancy and parenting solutions. They advise and we design! Thanks to a research group of midwives, Babymoov created the pregnancy sleep aid, Dream Belt. One of the most common pregnancy problems noticed by midwifes was comfort and sleep in the later stages of pregnancy. With expert knowledge about safe sleeping during pregnancy from the midwives, we were equipped to design the perfect solution and something totally unique to the market! Dream Belt today holds a number of multinational awards and recognition and is still a one-of-a-kind solution.

The Babymoov Nursery: 

The Babymoov Nursery concept was first launched in September 2013 and cleverly designed to help support working parents in the nearby area of Babymoov HQ in France, while allowing us in effect to observe their behaviours with Babymoov toys and products as they grow from the age of 3 months up to 3 years. This is a great opportunity for us to build upon the success of some of our most loved products with new and improved models, features and materials.