Nutribaby (+) XL Product Guide

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Where do I put the water?

The water is poured into the steamer tank (in the left base), under the baskets and the juice-cooking juice receptacle.


What type of bottles fit into the NBB+ and how many?

You can heat and sterilise up to 3 bottles at the same time (glass or small plastic bottles).

If your bottles are medium or large, the capacity can be reduced to 1 or 2, and it may be necessary to place them at an angle.

Where can I cook the rice or starches?

Starch and cereals are placed directly in the cooking juice receptacle. It is advisable to cook them in small quantities, and to add water according to the quantity and type of food to be cooked (small icons are indicated in the receptacle to make it easier to use) .

How do I clean the blade?

The blade can be unscrewed. Take the mixing bowl in one hand and the blade with a cloth in the other and turn it anticlockwise.

To help you in this operation, an open padlock and a closed padlock are engraved on the bottom of the bowl, and the arrow engraved on the blade holder tells you whether it is locked or not.

Why doesn't my blender doesn't when I unpack it?

In order to operate the mixer part, you need to take out the electrical connector, located in the drawer at the back on the left side of the control panel marked "Pull".

To help you, please refer to the diagram on page 5 of the user manual.

Limescale on the heating dome or paint that seems to come off? Is it safe to use NBB+ if it has limescale?

No worries! The appearance of scale is perfectly normal in a product that uses water on a daily basis, or it may be cooking juices that settle on the heating dome. 🙂

However, leaving it on can hinder your Nutribaby + from working at its best.

We therefore advise you to descale it. Please visit our product guide page for more details.


Descaling your Nutribaby+ XL

1.Pour 100 ml of water and 100 ml of white vinegar into the vat.
2. Leave for 4 hours (the product must be unplugged).
3. Rinse, then clean with the smooth side of the sponge or a damp cloth, and dry.
4. Press the 'OK' button for 10 seconds
5. Clean the tank every two weeks

Important: If you have never desclaed your Nutribaby +, let pure white vinegar work overnight and then repeat this operation one more time.