Lovenest Original Pillow Product Guide



Will my baby be able to turn his head easily?

Yes, your child keeps his freedom of movement when his head rests on the Lovenest, thanks to its specially adapted ergonomic shape.

What is the maximum age of use?

You can use the Lovenest from birth to 3 months. It is strongly advised not to use it as soon as your child can turn around or turn over by itself as a precautionary measure.

Why is my baby's head still flat?

The Lovenest helps to prevent the risks of plagiocephaly but does not at all correct this phenomenon if it is already present.

Moreover, it is only effective in the case of a newborn baby who stays with his head firmly on the cushion during the night or during his resting and waking periods. Thus, the age of 4 months is given as an indication, since each child does not have the same rhythm of development. As soon as your child moves, can turn or move around on his own, his head will not be able to stay on the Lovenest, so it will no longer be useful.

Some pediatricians recommend physiotherapy sessions to help correct the shape of his head but this is no longer possible after a certain age. For more information, contact your pediatrician.