Bottle Warmer vs Microwave: Our Opinion!

Heating Your Bottle in the Microwave: A Good Idea?

Beware of the microwave
Many mothers are worried about the dangers for them and even more for their children when they heat a bottle or a small pot in the microwave. So should we favor the bottle warmer ?

The dangers of microwaves
First of all, the microwave denatures the food: indeed, the vitamins contained in the milk are fragile molecules which are put to the test during heating in the microwave oven.

Heating a baby bottle (or a small jar) in the microwave causes uneven heating which can cause burns for the baby.

Choose the bottle warmer
This is why we recommend using a bottle warmer suitable for preparing baby meals. For example, the Nutrismart bottle warmer heats your bottles, breast milk sachets or even your small pots for the time just needed, with the appropriate type of heater. It is suitable for all types of food or milk.

This method of heating is to be preferred because it is uniform, and therefore makes it possible to heat a baby bottle in complete safety, while preserving the food.

A quick reminder, however: always check the temperature of the milk before giving it to the baby, even with a bottle warmer.

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