5 Solutions to Ensure the Best Sleep for Baby


Every parent wants their newborn baby to get a good night's sleep. To help make this happen, we've put together a list of 5 simple tips to make sure your baby gets the best quality of sleep possible.

  1. Ensure baby sleeps on his/her back 

As recommended by the World Health Organization, the best sleeping position for a baby under 12 months old is on their back. Whilst sleeping, the baby’s face remains unobstructed which helps to reduce the risk of “rebreathing” used air, suffocation, hyperthermia, and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Although this position is recommended, this can also lead to certain symptoms in babies such as flat head syndrome. With the right sleeping equipment however, this can be prevented. 

  1. Create a cozy ‘cocoon’ for baby 

A newly born baby will have spent nine months in the fetal position inside their mother’s womb. Once born, they can quickly feel anxious in their new surroundings. It’s therefore important to create a cozy environment for the newborn, as they will sleep for up to 20 hours per day. This environment should feel reassuring, supportive, and comfortable. To achieve this, cot reducers, sleep aids, and ergonomic mattresses can be used to improve baby’s sleep. 

  1. Baby incline 

Reflux, colic, and colds are the kinds of minor ailments that may disturb your baby's sleep. How can these sleep interruptions be kept to a minimum? Try using a cot or crib wedge with a 15% angle as recommended by health professionals. 

  1. Get into a bedtime routine 

From the age of 3 or 4 months, establish a regular bedtime routine so that baby can learn sleep mechanisms and put them into practice. Babies who feel reassured will go to sleep easily and peacefully.  

  1. Comfort baby even when out and about 

A baby can travel from the age of 3 weeks and it’s important they feel calm and soothed. Suitable travel equipment must be used to ensure baby feels comfortable at all times. To make sure they do, use a bouncer, a swing,  pushchair, or even a car seat, and vary the position your baby is in from time to time.