Take Time for Yourself as a Mom

Do you feel like you don't have even a minute to yourself? Taking time for yourself is vital in the life of a mom—but don’t worry! We have some tips to help you get enough “Me” time. 

A mom's life is not always easy––it can be rewarding and full of happiness, but you can still feel that you never have time for yourself. As soon as you resume work, there’s more to be done, and you have to get back to your endless list of tasks. With everything going on, we often neglect inner well-being––which is what also allows us to gain energy.

A balance to acquire

Proper health goes beyond physical well-being. Which is why you have to allow yourself moments alone, and take a little break from everything. Adapt this way of life on a daily basis; give yourself a few moments of rest as regularly as possible. Setting aside an hour a day is a great start––maybe through the practice of yoga? Why not try diving into a good book after meals? Even amidst your family routines, know how to take a pause and break this "robotic" side: take time for yourself as a mother and slowly develop inner well-being. Knowing how to make time for oneself is therefore essential to our health, but also to our personal, family, and professional development.

The importance of sleep

Sleeping well is the essential break that we need in this hyperactive world, and it is what keeps our bodies functioning properly. Sleep allows us to preserve our physical and cognitive abilities, and helps us to recharge our batteries, so we should not miss it. Let yourself sleep in past 8 AM––sometimes you deserve to turn off the alarms! You know your body better than anyone, so pace your sleep according to your own rhythm and lifestyle. Likewise, as you’re getting enough sleep, you’re able to plan your morning activities better. Why not try a walk with friends in the morning to enjoy the fresh air? 

Moments just for you

In order to make time for yourself as a mom, one key to success is not hesitating to say “No.” Don't secretly dream of saying no to a friend if you want to enjoy your day alone. Give yourself half-days, whole days, or even evenings just for you. It will have to become a habit––do not hesitate to create and organize your routines based on what makes sense to you and your family so that everything sticks. 


When we make the choice to live for ourselves while balancing our family life, we sometimes come to absurd conclusions. Am I an unworthy mother? Why can't I manage? Get these ideas out of your head––when you take time for yourself, you are also growing and improving. You become filled with positive vibes, but above all, you gain self-esteem. Taking time for yourself as a mom is not selfish, but a great proof of self-confidence.

Discover new activities

You need to find what makes you feel good. Sports, meditation, fashion... Almost anything can be a good new-found interest when you want to refocus on yourself. Do not listen to others, and let yourself make decisions by what you have always wanted to do! Outdoor activities are always good for taking real breaks from society when everything is moving too fast.