Plagiocephaly: Moms Test Our Comfort Range

Mothers tell us about the use of Lovenest and Cosydream, in particular to fight against plagiocephaly.



The experience of Aileen and her son Loki

Eventually, after a long battle with medical professionals to get them to take their concerns seriously, Aileen's son Loki was diagnosed with plagiocephaly. Treatments recommended included tummy time wake-up phases, variation in carrying patterns, breastfeeding from both sides, and strategic positioning of mobiles and toys in the child's bed to alternate the center of attention. The National Health Service (NHS) informs “that plagiocephaly detected in an early stage offers a better chance of being corrected”. Unfortunately, many first-time parents are unaware of the disease and do not know how to prevent it. Aileen clarifies that “plagiocephaly can be prevented, but knowledge is the key to getting there”. Her personal experience, shared by many other parents, shows that knowledge of plagiocephaly needs to be improved to prevent its onset.

The Lovenest Head Pillow

Testimony of Lily and Aaron (site
“I hesitated for a long time to buy this baby pillow but my son had a really flat head so I ended up giving in. Despite the fact that I bought this late, my son had a much rounder head, so I'm really satisfied. I thought it was not very comfortable, but my son didn't seem bothered or stuck. I recommend!”

Testimony of Vivi02 (site
“My daughter was born with an infantile torticollis. Suddenly, she turned her head only to one side which resulted in a flat head on one side. We opted for this small cushion and now everything is much better. The texture is soft and easy to wash off.”

The Babymoov Cosydream

Testimony of Ana_is (site
“I have used the Babymoov Cosydream since the birth of our child. It is great and reduces the space of the bed well. Baby feels like he is in a cocoon and is therefore not lost in the middle of his bed’s large space! He doesn't move all night and stays secure despite being fidgety. Baby immediately adopted the use of Cosydream. It is adjustable according to the size of the child and the anti-flat head function perfectly meets the need.”

Testimonial from Chouquette148 (site
“I was looking for a baby wedge for my son who I found every morning with his head against the bars of his bed! And I found the solution: since he slept on this baby wedge, he doesn't move a bit, I'm completely reassured. In addition, this baby wedge follows his growth since it can be released and adjusted according to its size.”

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