Autumn: strengthening baby's immune system

Colds, otitis, bronchiolitis, nasopharyngitis, etc. In autumn and winter, the immune defenses of infants and babies are put to the test. To spend a serene winter, stock up on practical advice to strengthen baby's immune system! 

The infant's antibody baggage

Dear parents, be reassured because nature is well done. During pregnancy, the mother-to-be naturally transmitted her antibodies to the future baby.  The infant's immune system then takes over. White blood cells (lymphocytes) create and release a battalion of antibodies. So that your little one's immune system remains strong against viruses and germs during the winter, you then come into play—and to do so, the Babymoov team gives you some good food and sleep hygiene practices below to strengthen your baby's immune system .

Strengthen baby's immune system

When he lacks iron, vitamin C and vitamin D, his immune system weakens. What solutions should you adopt in winter to strengthen your  baby's immune system  ? 

a. Vitamin C, to boost your immune system

As you know, vitamin C is naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Here is a selection of vegetables and fruits that you can buy during the winter.  

  • cabbage, carrot, broccoli, celery, spinach, beet, pumpkin, chestnut, rutabaga, lentils ; 
  • orange, tangerine, Kiwi, Pear, apples, quince. 

b. Choice of recipes, to establish the shopping list

  • Babymoov listens to parents' needs. Many of you are looking for healthy, varied and balanced recipe ideas for your babies. Login to our website 
  • Before making your purchases, we recommend that you select your recipes in order to more easily compose your shopping list. 
  • Prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables preferably ORGANIC. 
  • Start by gradually preparing 1 recipe, then 2, then 3. You will thus be able to vary the taste pleasures of your baby. 
  • Tip: save time by cooking for your whole family at the same time thanks to the Nutribaby food processor (+)

c. Vitamin D, to maintain its proper development

What is vitamin D used for? It promotes the good development of your baby during his growth. It participates in the mineralization of its bones and teeth. Then it facilitates the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. 

Vitamin D supplementation, if necessary for your baby, will be prescribed by your doctor or pediatrician. Talk to him about it at your next consultation.

Bet on a baby room humidifier

In winter, the dryness of the air induced by the use of heating irritates the mucous membranes of babies' respiratory tracts and promotes infections of the nose, ears (baby otitis), throat and lungs.  

Specialists have studied this problem and recommend maintaining a humidity level of 40% in the rooms of babies and parents! 

To meet this health need, parents participated in the co-creation of the ideal humidifier for the toddler's room, alongside the Babymoov France innovation team: 

  • the display of the humidity level and the temperature of the room; 
  • a silent baby room humidifier (25 dB); 
  • 5 levels of cold water steam flow adjustment; 
  • a 360°C adjustable steam outlet; 
  • a choice of setting: manual or automatic at the desired time (autonomy of 22 hours);
  • little extra 2 in 1: humidifier & multicolored 7-color night light.

Discover the Hygro (+) baby room  humidifier, the healthy companion for your little one's nights.

The Babymoov team also recommends that you maintain an ideal temperature of 18 and 20°C in your baby's room. To sanitize your room every day, remember to air it for 10 minutes. Either in the morning or an hour before bedtime. Cleaning your little one's nose is also necessary. Ask your pharmacist for advice!  

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