4 tips to stay in shape while pregnant

Pregnant, your body is put to the test and staying in shape while pregnant is sometimes complicated! We give you 4 tips to keep in mind for a peaceful pregnancy. 

4 tips to stay in shape while pregnant

Take naps

The nap will allow you to relieve all the tensions accumulated during your day. Also regenerative if your transit is acting up. If you have difficulty falling asleep, a nap is ideal to fill in the few missing hours. The time varies according to each pregnancy, be careful not to take too long naps to be able to enjoy a deep sleep at bedtime. The main thing is to rest to keep pregnant shape.

Adopt the right diet

Many pregnant women regularly suffer from muscle cramps. To limit these, you can increase your magnesium intake, especially through whole grains and green vegetables such as beans or spinach. Bananas are also recommended against cramps.

Regarding constipation, it is advisable to drink a lot, whether water, herbal tea or broth. In addition, you can increase your fiber intake with pulses, greens or whole foods. You will find a complete file on food well-being during pregnancy on ourBaby Cooking Blog .

Keep your spirits up

We know that the body is a reflection of our mind and your well-being influences your pregnancy. In order to avoid the famous baby-blues or simply to keep in shape while pregnant, don't forget the Omega 3 fatty acids! For this, as already recommended for the good development of a baby, you can eat oily fish at least twice a week. Small tip: it is also possible to avoid deficiencies by adding special margarine or rapeseed or walnut oil.

Chocolate, especially dark, is reputed to be good for morale: a small square a day will allow you to keep smiling without too many extra pounds.

Plants that heal:

Red raspberry leaf is rich in iron and helps reduce nausea and the risk of miscarriage. A little extra: this plant also helps relieve pain during childbirth.

Nettle is rich in calcium and iron, perfect for keeping pregnant.

The red vine, whether its leaves, seeds and even the skin of the seeds can relieve circulation problems, and therefore heavy legs.